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  • Accounting
  • ROC Compliance
  • Tax Compliance
  • PF Monthly Filing Compliance and many more
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startup is a company that’s in the initial stages of business. Until the business gets off the ground, a startup is often financed by its founders and may attempt to attract outside investment. The many funding sources for startups include family and friends, venture capitalists, crowdfunding and loans.

There exist 6 different types of startups:

Lifestyle Startups

founded by entrepreneurs They are working for themselves what else they like. Examples of these are freelancers or web designers who have passion for their work.

Small Business Startups

Small business where the owner follows less ambitious goals, to provide only a comfortable life for his family. Examples of these are hairdressing salons, grocery stores, bakeries, among others.

Scalable Startups

founded by entrepreneurs who believe from the beginning that can change the world with their business idea and therefore worry about finding a model scalable and repeatable business in order to draw the attention of investors to boost your business. Examples of these are Google, Uber and Facebook.

Buyable Startups

These Business they are born with the goal of being sold to large companies after achieving positive results that catch their attention. This one type startup It is very common in web solutions development companies and mobile. An example of this was the purchase of Instagram by Facebook.

Large Company Startups

These Business They have the main objective of innovation and have a limited duration of life. At Business fall into this category develop products or services that revolutionaries become quickly recognized by the market. However, due to market changes, the user preferences, competitive pressures, these Business They tend to create new innovative products for new users of different markets.

Social Startups

Finally, there Business whose entrepreneurs They want to make a difference in society and make a better world. Thus, the main objective is not to gain profit, but rather to contribute positively to the community. One example is the charity or charitable institutions.