ROC Compliance Calendar – 2021

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ROC Compliance Calendar For 2021 is as follows:


FormDescriptionDue Date
Form 11 (Annual returns of an LLP)Annual statement for submitting details of the business of the LLP and its partners.30 May 2021
DPT-3 (Annual Return of Deposit And Exempted Deposit)Except for the Government companies, all other companies which include all private limited companies, OPC, limited companies or Section 8 Company have to mandatorily file this form, if they have accepted deposit or Amount which are exempted as Deposit.30/06/2021
DIR-3 KYC (KYC of DIN holders)Every person who has a valid DIN30 September 2021
Form ADT-1 (Appointment of auditor)Every company should intimate the ROC about the appointment of an auditor.14 October 2021
Form 8 (Financial Reports of an LLP)Every LLP should submit the data of its P & L and balance sheet, whether Audited or not.30 October 2021
Form AOC-4 ; Form-AOC-4CFS ; Form AOC-4XBRL (Filing of annual accounts)Every company should file financial statements with the ROC.30 October 2021
MGT-7 (Filing of annual returns) Every company should file an annual return, furnishing details about the company with the ROC.29 November 2021
MGT-14 (Filing of resolution with MCA)Filing of resolutions with the ROC regarding Board Report and Annual Accounts.Within 30 days of the board meeting approving BR and AR
Form MSME (outstanding payments to MSME’s)Half-yearly return with the registrar for outstanding payments to Micro or Small Enterprises. 

30 April 2021 and 31 October 2021

BEN-2 Return to the Registrar in
respect of declaration under section 90 (Declaration of Beneficial Owner)
Every Company shall file
a return of significant
beneficial owners of the
Company and changes
therein with the Registrar
containing names,
addresses and other
30 days from the
receipt of Declaration
in Form BEN-1
CRA-4 (Filing of Cost Audit Report)Companies mentioned under Section. 148 of Companies Act, 2013 shall file this Return with Registrar.30 days from the
receipt of Cost Audit
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