What Is More Beneficial-Old Income Tax Regime Or New Income Tax Regime ?

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What Is More Beneficial-Old Income Tax Regime Or New Income Tax Regime ?


The current financial year budget made a big change for an assessee by bringing in the New tax regime as a voluntary compliance for all the taxpayers. Although an individual can make a choice to switch to the old tax regime if they want. There are advantages and disadvantages of both the old tax regime as well as the new tax regime but it can be confusing for a taxpayer to select the best suited regime for themselves. Let’s check out the various factors to be considered in the old tax regime and the new tax regime in the FY 2023-24.

Under The New Tax Regime

The New tax regime has increased the range of taxation slab rates from 0% to 30% with the lowest exemption till Rs 3 lakhs and the highest tax rate of 30 % is applicable from Rs.15 lakhs. The new Income tax slab rates are given below-


0-3 LakhsNil
3-6 Lakhs5%
6-9 Lakhs10%
9-12 Lakhs15%
12-15 Lakhs20%
Above 15 Lakhs30%


Important Highlights For New Tax Regime 2023-24

1. The new tax regime is a voluntary compliance for the year 2023-24.
2. An individual earning Rs. 7 lakh annually is entitled to a rebate.
3. Highest surcharge rate on income above Rs. 5 crore has been reduced from 37% to 25%.
4. To ease the complex paperwork and reduce the cumbersome process of compliance and management by the taxpayers and the tax authorities in regards to the deductions and exemptions,there are a lot of deductions forgone.
5. A few tax deductions which are not allowed under the new tax regime are

A. Leave Travel allowance
B. House rent allowance
C. Children Education allowance
D. Deduction for professional tax
E. Interest on housing loans
F. Deduction for specified

6. No compulsory rules and regulations regarding your investments under the new tax regime.


Comparison Between Old Tax Regime and New Tax Regime

As announced in the capex heavy budget of the FY 2023-24,the new tax regime is set by default but still an individual can make a choice between the old tax regime and the new tax regime if they desire. If you want to claim deductions and exemptions then the old tax regime will be more beneficial otherwise the new tax regime has many levels of income slabs and rates.

The important point to understand here is in which tax regime you are able to take more money back home.

Let us take an example to understand the situation in both the lights, Mr.Valmiki is earning Rs. 50,00,000 annually. He claims deduction under Section 80 C against LIC and EPF for Rs. 1,50,000. He has taken health insurance for which he pays a premium for 25,000 which he claims as tax deductible under section 80 D. He also claims tax free Leave travel allowance for Rs.38,000 and House rent allowance of Rs. 1,60,000. Let us calculate tax payable in both the circumstances.

A. Understand with the help of illustration 1 of New and old tax regime for taxpayers:-

IllustrationOld Tax RegimeNew Tax Regime
Income From Salary50,00,00050,00,000
Less:- Exemptions
House Rent Allowance
Leave Travel Allowance
Not Allowed
Not Allowed
Gross Total Income48,02,00050,00,000
Less:- Standard Deduction(50,000)(50,000)
Less Deduction U/s Chapter VI-A
(EPF +LIC+ Tuition Fees, etc)
(1,50,000)Not Allowed
Less:- Deduction U/s 80D
If Senior Citizen -Rs 50000 otherwise Rs.
25000 Maximum Allowed.
(25,000)Not Allowed
Less:- Other Deduction If anyAllowedNot Allowed
Net Taxable Income45,77,00049,50,000

Note:- Assume age of Taxpayer is below 60 Years.

B. Total Tax Payable as per New and old tax regime

Tax Calculation SlabOld Tax Regime RatesTax (Old) AmountTax Calculation Slab 2023-24New Tax Regime RatesTax (New) Amount
0 – 2,50,0000%Nil0 – 3,00,000NilNil
2,50,000 – 5,00,0005%12,5003,00,000 – 6,00,0005%15,000
5,00,000 -10,00,00020%1,00,0006,00,000 – 9,00,00010%30,000
Above 10,00,00030%10,73,1009,00,000 – 12,00,00015%45,000
Above 15,00,00030%10,35,000
Total Tax11,85,600Total Tax11,85,000
Add: Higher Education Cess @4%47,424Add: Higher Education Cess @4%47,400
Total Tax payable12,33,024Total Tax payable12,32,400


As it is visible from the above example, individuals are taking more money back home under the new tax regime but the situation would differ if the value of allowances and deductions is more. Therefore, it is better to calculate your tax payable under both the regimes. You can take the help of Income Tax Calculator at our website for reference.